© 2020 by Pedro Morillo, Jr. Don't panic, Im hispanic.

New York, & Los Angeles Actor.
In The Heights (Feature Film/ADR Warner Bros.)
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for Bone Collector (S1Ep 106 NBC)
Angelfish (Feature Film)
Aka Wyatt Cenac (topic.com/aka-wyatt-cenac)
The Awakening (Feature Film)
Bully (Feature Film)
After Louie (Feature Film)
Billy Lynn's Long HalftimeWalk(Sony Pictures, Directed by Ang Lee)
Law & Order: SVU (S17008/ NBC)
The Affair (Season 2/Showtime)
Orange Is The New Black (Season 4/Netflix)
Girls (season 5/HBO)
Blue Bloods (Season 5/CBS)
Louie (Season 4/FX)
The Leftovers (Pilot/HBO)
Black Nativity (Film)

It all began...

When you first meet him, he can be intimidating, but then you realize he is just the 'bad boy with the golden heart'.
His interest in observing human behavior led to his pursuit of a B. A. in Forensic Psychology. Interested in performance and entertaining, he became a professional break-dancer. This soon segued into a true passion for acting and it’s craft after working side by side with actor Joaquin Phoenix and observing his process in the film Two Lovers.
Eager to learn, he tried several different programs. He enrolled in the summer intensive at Maggie Flanigan studio and finally found a fit. During the two-year program, Maggie Flanigan and Charlie Sandlan have trained Pedro for Meisner acting. Additional classes such as cold reading with Scott Hudson and Charles Goforth of the Labyrinth Theatre Company, film and TV with Aleta Chappelle, and Chekhov with Leonard Petit.
Now a graduate he continues to pursue training in cold reading, on-camera technique, movement, voice and Chekhov. He has worked in dialects such as: British, Indian, and Middle Eastern. Has also worked with Mack and Yarsin and with Mel Mack Acting Studio for on-camera training.
Member of SAG-AFTRA since 2008, Pedro has also worked off-Broadway at HERE Arts Center in New York City, where he starred in the play How To Break. The New York Times reviewed the play and credited Mr. Morillo’s charms for giving the play ‘its juice.' Pedro booked the guest star role of Luis on NBC's Lincoln Rhyme: The Hunt For The Bone Collector. 


On set work...